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Stuff My Kids* Have Said, Volume Two

Last summer I posted a list of verbatim quotes, all things that my children have said. These vary from outlandish to brilliant, with a heavy dose of amusing. But that wasn’t the full list. And it’s not like the kids have stopped talking.

So once again, apologies in advance, kiddos.

*This time there’s even something that I said (well, sort of), because it was deserving of the same treatment.

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Stuff My Kids Have Said, Volume One

We’re probably all familiar with one of the incarnations of Kids Say the Darndest Things. It’s a rather contrived show, but it is true that children says some interesting, outlandish, and frankly inexplicable things. But also amusing things. At least my children do, and I’ve kept track of some of the best comments they have made. Everything below is a statement one of my children have made, quoted verbatim, along with their age and the context.

Kids, I’m sorry for this in advance.

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