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Let’s Do the Timewarp

Sometimes best laid plans go awry. Other times they just take a lot longer to implement than originally expected. The original plan was to move all the old content from this website to this new wordpress based format, but that will take entirely too long. So while stuff will still be migrating across to the new site (which still needs some design work and a header graphic and other improvements), you can still access the old content here.

Here we go again

This site has been sitting largely idle for far too long. It’s been well Ship launchover a year now since new content was added. And while there have long been plans to revamp the design, and start adding content regularly again, that hasn’t actually happened.

So with the start of a new year, it’s time for a relaunch. A lot of old content might get rehashed and reposted, and hopefully a lot of new content will be added. This site might look like a bit of a mess for the next while. And it will likely be more like a blog than before, and less of a magazine.