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A Thousand Words, Part XII

by Marko Peric

Everyone loves funny photos. Well, maybe not blind people, since they cannot truly appreciate photos, funny or otherwise. And maybe not those who have no sense of humour, since they cannot truly appreciate funny things, photos or otherwise. So ignore that first statement, and assuming you aren't blind and you do not lack a sense of humour, enjoy this edition of A Thousand Words. Usual disclaimer: This is parody, don't get overly offended if something or someone you know, love, or happen to be (this means you, Arnold, and you, Mr. President) gets badly mocked.

Arnie Air Guitar
No swearing in ceremony is complete without the new governor playing a little air guitar.

Finally there is evidence proving Ultimate Frisbee dates back to the Bronze Age.
Deadly frisbee

Osama is leaning left
"Yes, I may have commited many crimes against humanity, but it is okay, for I had Subway."

"Can you hear me now? Good."
I think it's a shortwave radio, actually

Bush with a book
"Hmm, did I leave my crayons in the Oval Office, or on Air Force One? I hope Cheney didn't take them again."

Try new Dentyne Inferno, the only gum with the bacteria-killing power of fire.
tastes like burning

"What's that? Polls are saying that my campaign lacks intensity, and I'm not dynamic, interesting or passionate enough to be taken seriously? I'm so upset."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair just can't wait to get home to milk his goat.
Tony is excited

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