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Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes for Check our credits page to answer exactly this question.

Can I write for If you want to, certainly. Writers are not paid, at least not currently, but they do receive the prestige of having hundreds, or at least dozens, of people read their material. Use the Contact link on the bottom navigation bar to send in your submission. We reserve the right to not publish submissions. We will not publish profane, pornographic, or hate content.

How can I contact the writer of an article? We're not going to publish the email addresses of any of our writers, but if you send your concerns to the editor, they will be forwarded to the appropriate party.

Will you link to my site? It's possible. At the risk of stating the obvious, linking to us first will increase the likelihood that we'll link back. It's not easy to get a link on the sidebar, sites linked there should update frequently and offer content that readers of this site will enjoy. If your site doesn't necessarily fit that criteria, it could still be linked in one of the regular Featured Stuff segments. We're always looking for nifty sites to feature.

Can I link to this site? Please do. See below for link graphics, if you care to use one of those.

I can't believe you linked to something or other! Okay, that's not a question, but accepts no responsibility for the content of other web sites. That said, if something we linked to is blatantly offensive, let us know and we'll consider removing the link.

Why is some text a different colour? You will find on occasion semi-hidden links on this site. The text will be slightly grey instead of black, and look . The idea behind this is to offer additional information or amusement about a particular piece of text, but blue link text tends to be distracting and overly attention seeking. The grey text is still visible if you look closely, but it doesn't scream "click me." At one time these links were the same colour as the text, but it's not like anyone would find them that way.

Any other hidden stuff I should look for? Actually, yes. Sometimes there might be hidden text that will pop up if you run the mouse pointer over a certain phrase or word. This is usually a parenthetical statement that doesn't fit well into the context, or just a side comment. These are generally completely invisible, you won't find them unless you look. And they aren't on every page. Also, on some images, notably in the more recent articles, the text that pops up when you move your mouse over images will present alternate captions.

Do you have a privacy policy? Yes, yes we do. You can read it in detail on the privacy info page.

Want to link to Here are a few graphics that are available for such a purpose. The big banner at the top of this, and almost every page on the site is also a good link banner.

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