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As it seems that almost every web site on the entire Interweb has some sort of privacy policy these days, it seemed like a good idea for to have one as well. This was not written by a lawyer, so we apologize for the lack of big words and legalese. We're not even sure that legalese is even a real word. If it is, we don't think it should be. That said, on with the privacy info.

At, we collect information about people who visit the site (actually, the good people at Powweb, our hosting company, do the actual collecting for us). This gives us some general information about who is visiting the site, such as how people are finding the site, what pages are being viewed, what browser software people are using, etc. The collected information also allows us to detect when unscrupulous folks link remotely to images on Doing so is stealing our bandwidth and generally being a nuisance, and will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to use an image from this site on your livejournal or message board, download it and use your own bandwidth. If you link to something here, we will find out, and may change the image to something else entirely, such as a huge banner promoting this site, or . This is no longer about privacy, though, and that's ostensibly what this page is about.

If you send email to, we reserve the right to publish that email. If this bothers you, just include words like "Do not publish" or "please don't print this" at the top of your email, and we won't publish it. Otherwise, we just might. If we do publish your email we won't publish your email address, but we might publish your name. We reserve the right to edit for length, clarity, and offensiveness. We also reserve the right to publish your email completely unedited to make you sound dumb, so run a spell check before hitting send. And if you think we're bluffing about printing emails from people and making them look like idiots, .

We have a forum, registering for which is completely and entirely optional, but doing so does require some information, such as a valid email address. You may posting there and read posts without registering if you so choose, because forums that won't even let you read posts without registering are annoying and bad. If you do register, there will be a cookie placed on your computer to allow you to access your forum settings quickly and easily when you return.

About cookies, you may find polls on some pages on this site, and the poll program may also place a cookie on your computer. This is to prevent people from voting multiple times on the same poll.

At this time we should point out that we do not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise provide information collected on our visitors to companies that might want to collect this sort of information. That said, we do run advertisements by Google, and they have their own privacy policy that you can go and read if you're bored of this one. Their privacy info is more boring than ours though, and was probably written by a lawyer, so consider yourself warned on the boredom front.

If you click on any ads on this site, or visit any sites linked from here, be warned that we have no idea what these other sites have for privacy policies, so you'll have to go and find that out for yourself. We also can't really comment on the usefulness, quality, or appropriateness of any other sites.

Okay, that about sums up the privacy info. We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting


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