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This site began in 2000 under a different name, with a different attitude, and with a very different look. Back then, it was called and featured a truly terrible faux marble background and lived on geocities. Actually, there was a brief period before that when the site was on homestead, but that is best forgotten. In 2001 the site moved off of geocities and got its current name, as well as an attitude shake-up. The goal then was to become an online humour magazine, much like the used to be. In reality, it was a personal rant site desperately pretending it was a humour magazine. Slowly over the last few years it has become a reasonable facsimile of the magazine that the editor had always envisioned. With an archive of hundreds of articles on every imagineable topic featuring several different authors, is no longer a personal rant page, but rather a source of thought-provoking humour and entertainment.

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Read the About This Site Page from 2000


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