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While we've tried to make this site as entertaining, thought-provoking, and generally awesome as we can, we understand that sooner or later you'll want to see other sites. Here are some other destinations on the Interweb that you might enjoy. We do. Keep in mind though, that does not guarantee the quality, appropriateness, or stability of any outside links. We don't run these sites, we only visit them from time to time.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja — Dr. McNinja is a doctor who is also a ninja. — Quite possibly the ultimate 007 web resource. Features up to the minute news, rumours, reviews, and more.

Branson Critic — Branson, Missouri shows, entertainment links, news and reviews.

Bri's Tub o' Links — The homepage of one of Dontmindme's contributing writers.

Deep Vein Insonmia — Rants and raves on modern day life.

Dinosaur Comics — Who knew that a Tyranosaurus might be funny? Updated daily.

Dubious Tales — Great narrative webcomic, updated Mondays. — It's all in the translation. Updated daily.

Homestar Runner — Check out the Strong Bad emails. And the games. And the toons. It's all good. Updated weekly.

James Bond Wiki — If you've always wished that Wikipedia was only about 007. . .

Red Meat — It's like Bizarro, only a lot more so. Updated Tuesdays.

Sluggy Freelance — Long running narrative webcomic, updated six days a week.

Slumbering Lungfish — The nexus of Lore Sjöberg's (of Brunching Shuttlecocks fame) various sites and blogs.

Wigu — A comic about a boy, his family, and a living, flying potato made of poison.

Do you run a site that you would like to have listed here? Send us an email and we'll see about adding your link. Linking to us is always appreciated.


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