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It's all about the music

You want music related articles? We've got your music related articles right here. That's right, everything ever posted here with a theme of music (or even close to having a musical theme) is listed below, listed in a nice and simple reverse chronological order (newest stuff is at the top). So if you are in a musical mood, click away.

Still More Confusing Song Titles
Correctly Heard Lyrics
Wow, There Are More Tacky Christmas Songs
Songs Sung Long
Yet More Tacky Christmas Songs
Misheard Lyrics
Still More Tacky Christmas Songs
More Confusing Song Titles
The Music of Democracy
Ridiculous Band Names
Songs About Superman
Alanis Morissette Album Titles
One Hit Wonders
Even More Tacky Christmas Songs
More Tacky Christmas Songs
Tacky Christmas Songs
Confusing Song Titles
The Smurf Songbook
The Death of Napster
50 Reasons to Watch The Killer
Making (up) the Band (names)
Love = Oxygen?


Curious George: A Quiet Day at Home

The Best of A Thousand Words

The Man with the Pink Bicycle

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