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The 2009 Wilhelm Awards

Wilhelm Graphic


It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed since the last Wilhelm Awards. A lot has happened in the last 12 months, and there are a lot of things and people which are, if not very, at least moderately deserving of a Wilhelm Award. This year we didn't actually have any formal nominations since the last awards, so all the winners are now for the first time being mentioned in association with this prestigious prize.

If you'd like to learn more about the Wilhelms, visit the Wilhelm Awards Page. There you can find out the explanation behind the name, listen to the actual Wilhelm scream, and see previous winners and nominees. But for now, on with the awards.

Best Song Cover: Sometimes it takes a while for something to really catch on. Mat Weddle (of the band Obadiah Parker) did an acoustic cover of "Hey Ya" by Outkast back in 2006, which was edited together with the original music video and posted on Youtube. Since then, the video has accumulated over three million views. Well, now the original recording of the cover is available online without all the distracting edits and shirtless Andre 3000. If you haven't heard this, it is simply amazing. Mat Weddle and Obadiah Parker take home the Wilhelm for Best Song Cover.

Most Awesome Facial Hair: In retrospect, we could have introduced this a few years ago just to give an award to Johnny Depp, but that didn't occur to anyone here. We don't have a Wilhelm for Most Awesome Beard, that was just too specific, so go watch the video linked in the previous award, or check out picture on the Wikipedia. Then just try and disagree with giving the newly made up Wilhelm award for Most Awesome Facial Hair to Mat Weddle.

Best Made Up Word: Are you content? I mean completely and utterly content, all day every day. Not really? Sometimes you probably have something to complain about, or perhaps grumble about. And then there are other times when you feel the need to grumble and complain simultaneously. You would be grumplaining (v, pt). This is a perfectly good portmanteau/frankenword that so far as I know isn't an actual accepted word. At least not yet. So next time you are experiencing discontent and wish to express the feeling, Grumplaining is the way to go. We have a winner for the Wilhelm for Best Made Up Word.

Funniest Blog: I like cake, I like commentary and I like horrible, nightmarish, downright awful design (take a look at Regrettable Rides if you don't believe the latter). So a blog that features pictures of truly terrible birthday and wedding cakes, and mocking commentary thereof is pretty much the best blog idea ever. Cake Wrecks is such a blog. The tagline is 'When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong' and that describes the site perfectly. Between people who order cakes that never should have been, and decorators that can't follow simple instructions (or who follow instructions way too literally), the laughs are assured. Cake Wrecks wins the Wilhelm for Funniest Blog.

Most Shameless Plug: Back in '05 we nominated a website built by Dontmindme's editor-in-chief for this award, but it went elsewhere that year. It just so happens that the same site has been given a complete overhaul and an entirely new look, and the same editor-in-chief is quite proud of it. It's the site for MarineNav Ltd, and he built the whole site from the ground up, including the splash page, the changing transparency drop down menus, and zoomable product pictures, and the homepage product lineup photo with the funky reflections and the invisible image link map. Since he's in charge here, he's going to give the new and improved MarineNav Ltd website the Wilhelm for Most Shameless Plug.

Did you win a Wilhelm Award this year? If you did, you can show off to your friends by posting the graphic below on your website. A link to this site would be most welcome in return.

Wilhelm Award Winner 2009


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