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Wilhelm Award Nominations (May 2005)

Wilhelm Graphic

Back in January we introduced the Wilhelm Awards, which you can read all about at the Wilhelm Awards Page. In preparation for next January, here are some nominations for the prestigious and highly sought after Wilhelm Awards.

Most Pathetic Public Official: A lot of people will probably assume the George W. Bush would be the nomination, but none of those people are Canadian. Paul Martin is our leader, and, well, it's hard not to feel sorry for him, even those of us who want him gone. For the rest of the world, here's the situation in Canada: Our Prime Minister not only has a minority government at the moment, which is an unenviable position, but now he has a massive scandal bubbling over, caused by corruption within his own party during the tenure of his predecessor. The other national parties are pushing to call a non-confidence vote and end his government at the earliest opportunity, well, apart from the NDP, who are basically socialists (Hey Americans, Canada is not a socialist country, not even close, but we do have a socialist party that will likely never come close to forming a government, so get your facts right), that are blackmailing the Prime Minister to ditch his promised tax cuts so he can spend more on their agenda. The NDP doesn't have enough clout to keep the government afloat for long, though, so the fact that Martin was willing to make this deal make him look like a chump. The biggest indication of his low status was when he wanted to make an address to the nation and the major broadcast networks refused to air his statement unless he changed the time to when it best suited them. So he changed it. That's right, in Canada the Prime Minister gets pushed about by TV networks. Paul Martin is a strong contender for the Wilhelm for Most Pathetic Public Official.

Most Shameless Plug: Quid pro quo is a wonderful thing. One of the contributing editors of this site has recently launched her own photography web site, Nancy Thomas Photography. So of course we're shamelessly plugging that site here. You should go and check out her site, and see all the very nice pictures. You should also check back soon when online ordering is available on the site, and buy a picture or three. Nancy Thomas Photography is our first nominee for Most Shameless Plug.

Most Tenacious Reality Show Contestant: People on reality shows run the gamut from wimp to weightlifter, but physical strength is certainly not the only characteristic required for success. On the Amazing Race, which has easily the been the cream of the reality crop since its debut, refusing to give up has proven to both bring success and highly entertaining television. The most recent edition of the A-Race which is almost over features the oldest contestants ever to appear on the show, and they're still in the running with only two episodes left. This is largely due to the sheer tenacity of the 66 year old female half of the team, Gretchen. This woman has fallen down in a cave and needed stitches, scaled the wall of a fortress with a rope ladder, and been reduced to begging clothing and money from competitors, and yet she refuses to give up. Her and husband Meredith might still be long shots to win, but the fact that they're still in the race gets Gretchen a nomination for Most Tenacious Reality Show Contestant.

Best Made Up Word: Sometimes there just isn't a word to describe what you want to express. When that happens, there are only two choices available to you: either stumble over woefully inadequate existing words, or just invent an entirely new word. Scrumtrilescent is an example of the latter. From a SNL sketch (featuring Will Farrell as James Lipton of Inside the Actor's Studio)several years ago and meaning "indescribably wonderful," this word has quietly slipped, perhaps not into the mainstream, but definitely into online lingo. A quick search on Google will reveal more than 1000 results for this word. That's enough to earn Scrumtrilescent a nomination for Best Made Up Word.


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