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Absurdity in Signage: Got Vowels?

by Marko Peric

Ah, the changeable text sign. So ubiquitous, so bland, sol vulnerable to vandalism, and so utterly prone to total message failure. This sign was probably not vandalized, as it sits high enough that even a standard step ladder would be well to short to reach it. So unless the vandals has an extension ladder or scissor lift, they didn't do this. And it's hard to imagine that any sign guy in the world would do this on purpose. Even in Wales they use more vowels than this. So unless the sign guy abruptly quit halfway through, this must be the result of high winds, or a bad case of gravity.

You know that a sign a messed up when you can't even begin to guess what it was supposed to say. Or even if was promoting the convenience store or the pet grooming place.

Snack to ford trucks? Snic toque forgiveness travis?


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