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Regrettable Rides: Look Ma, No Wheels!

There are certain features that an automobile absolutely requires: a motor of some sort, a fuel supply, a steering mechanism, a stopping mechanism, a driver compartment. Pretty much everything else is optional, although it would make for a very unpleasant and unsafe ride if you had no windows, roof, exhaust system, lights, etc. There's one thing more that any auto needs — wheels. And while this Ford SUV did at one time have four of them, at the moment, not so much. Looking at the strange angle at which it sits, precariously perched on those pallets, I don't know if there are any wheels involved here.

And seriously, pallets? Talk about worst jacks ever. If this is somebody's idea of how to prop up a 4000 lb SUV to safely work on it, well, I hope they aren't underneath when a strong gust of wind occurs. If this is someone's idea of a substitute for putting it on blocks, well, congratulations, you've discovered something that looks so bad even the average redneck would probably cringe.

This Ford hasn't been doing much exploring lately

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