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Looney Tunes Characters, Part II

Looney Tunes Characters

by Mike Thomas

Last month we ran a Good/Bad/Ugly rating of Looney Tunes characters. If you missed it, check it out here. Of course, Looney Tunes featured a whole lot of characters; far more than would fit nicely into a single G/B/U rating. So here are a bunch more. If we've somehow missed your favourite 'toon, feel free to let us know, and maybe we'll do a part III someday.

Porky: Low self esteem rocks this stuttering swine to the point of uncontrollable bashfulness, and blushing. If he only knew how Good he would look on my plate with a little applesauce, maybe it would boost his ego a little. . .

Road Runner: Mute, hyperactive avian with a bad hairdo and a smile that never leaves his beak. He seems unable to process the pain of others, as every time he sees a tragic fall or injury, he just clicks his heels, beeps twice, smiles, and speeds off. He would be a Bad paramedic.

Tweety: For a little bird who weighs less than half a pound, he shows incredible survival skills. He can evade any predator, and somehow maintain a level flight pattern having such a disproportionately large head. His feminine voice and yellow outfits leads me to think that we have a gender confused little bird here, and that's too Bad.

Taz: Anything that can spin into its own little tornado while yelling unintelligible dialogue and stop on a dime without projectile vomiting is all Good in my books.

Elmer Fudd: I don't know why, but I get the feeling that Elmer Fudd is like the 27 year old guy who still goes to his old high school's parties. I mean, what place does a balding, opera singing, shotgun wielding, walking speech impediment have in a children's cartoon? That's just Ugly!

Yosemite Sam: If I met this guy in the street I would wet my pants, but those of you who know me know that . I mean this is the worst kind of cop. He holds a sheriff's badge, but can snap like a twig and go on a vigilante style shooting spree. This guy's a streak of misery wherever he goes, and it seems like he's really Bad at controlling his Texan emotions.

The Goofy Gophers: Mac and Tosh are the type of overly polite gophers that get themselves into trouble unwittingly, and un-deliberately find their way out of the situation without ever knowing anything out of the ordinary happened. Wouldn't that be a Good way to go through life?

Speedy Gonzales: The only character that has any place showing up on mud flaps and floor mats in cars had a relatively low profile in the Looney Tunes gang. He would show up for a gag laugh based on some Ugly Mexican stereotypes, but he had a really nice sombrero!

Abominable Snowman: Joining Marvin Martian as one of the few Looney Tunes characters who isn't an animal, this slow-witted yeti is adorable. For such a behemoth of a monster, he is surprisingly gentle and caring. Even though he's a little possessive, it's a Good thing that he cares enough to love you, to pet you, and to call you George.

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