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A Thousand Words, Volume XVIII

by Marko Peric

It's that time again. It's far too long since the last edition of A Thousand Words, but everyone loves funny photos, especially when accompanied by equally, if not even funnier, captions. This is volume 18, so that's a lot of funny photos. But before you do that, take a moment to enjoy this edition of A Thousand Words. Don't forget to run your mouse pointer over the pictures, some of them have alternate captions that will appear. The usual disclaimer applies: This is parody, don't get overly offended if we mock something or someone you know, love, or happen to be.

One Word: Futility
One Word: Futility.

Frosty was a little unclear on the concept of "sub tropical."
Miami or Bust

Jack be nimble. . .
Jack be nimble. . .

It's just not prom night unless your limo gets flipped.
Flipped Limo

Prez hugging
"Look, I'm just not comfortable huggin' other dudes."

"Ahhh! It's cold! It's cold!"
Damp Cops

Worst personal trainer ever
Worst personal trainer ever.
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