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A Thousand Words, Part XIII

by Marko Peric

Everyone loves funny photos. Well, maybe not blind people, since they cannot truly appreciate photos, funny or otherwise. And maybe not those who have no sense of humour, since they cannot truly appreciate funny things, photos or otherwise. So ignore that first statement, and assuming you aren't blind and you do not lack a sense of humour, enjoy this edition of A Thousand Words. Usual disclaimer: This is parody, so don't get overly offended if we mock something or someone you know, love, or happen to be.

Looks like it's time for more archery practice.

It's one thing to design a room around your favourite colour, but this is just dumb.
interesting pattern?

Don't mess with him
Nothing like a little impromptu demonstration of your Kung-fu prowess to impress the locals.

"I just saved big money on my car insurance! Geico rocks!"

HIgh jump
The thrill of victory, the agony of bending over too far.

"I, Strong Bad, do solemnly swear. . ."
StrongBad swearing in

And then for no apparent reason Raoul's head just blew up.

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