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The Fake Valentine Soundtrack

Treble clef

Nine Inch Nails — real, (duh)
Deftones — real
Rob Zombie — real, of course
Exquisite Mammals
T.C. — real
Wheelwright's Ghost
Grab the Jester
Skilled Homicide Harmony
Fall Creek Confederacy
The Frown Squad
Motionless Z
Kayak — real, but broke up in 1980
Dirty Yellow Hammer
Donkey Kong U.K.
All Your Blood
Bang the Skull Slowly
Hat — real
Gravel Fork
The Handless Kings
Fiona Apple — real, obviously
Rice — real, actually minor two bands are/were called Rice.
Nuclear Zeitgeist
Pineapple Man
Fool's Cap
Brain Gorge
Brian Georg — real, but appears to be a backup musician
Pi Eating Contest
Mr Hameye
Marvin's Toes
Birmingham Sound Expedition
Stab the Bishop
Marylin Manson — real, of course
Infant 714
Decimal Metaphor
Half of — not real, but Half Off is
5445 North Park Drive Community Vigilance and Restoration Committee — not real, but there's a reggae band called 54-46.

In searching, I happened to find such interestingly named actual bands like Grab Grab the Haddock (yes, that's two grabs), Book Em Dano, Dirty Johns Hot Dog Stand, Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra, Half a Chicken, Wax Tadpole, Mad Capsule Markets, Crunchy Black, Snakefinger's Vestal Virgins, and Bloodless Pharoahs (who actually featured Brian Setzer in his pre Stray Cats days).

Oh, for interests sake, here's the real soundtrack listing:

1. "Superbeast" — Rob Zombie
2. "God Of The Mind" — Disturbed
3. "Love Dump" — Static—X (Mephisto Odyssey's Voodoo mix)
4. "Pushing Me Away" — Linkin Park
5. "RX Queen" — Deftones
6. "Opticon" — Orgy
7. "Valentine's Day" — Marilyn Manson
8. "Filthy Mind" — Amanda Ghost
9. "Smartbomb" — BT (BT's mix)
10. "Fall Again" — Professional Murder Music
11. "Son Song" — Soulfly/Sean Lennon (not included in film)
12. "Take A Picture" — Filter (Hybrid mix)
13. "Breed" — Snake River Conspiracy
14. "1 A.M." — Beautiful Creatures

Apart from completeness, this list also is a lot of fun, as most of the names of bands and the names of songs are easily interchangable.

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