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Regrettable Rides: A Frankencar in its Natural Habitat

We've featured a frankencar here before, as well as several frankentrucks. There was even frankenvan. When I inititally planned to put this picture up, my thought was to note that this Volkswagen Golf was clearly intended by someone to look like this, because although you can't possibly see it in the picture, there's a red door on the other side as well. It's too bad they didn't put a red hood on there to complete the pattern. But what's really amusing is that the other frankencar featured in Regrettable Rides was also photographed in this same parking lot. Check the link above if you don't believe me. That picture was taken right in front of the Superstore, whereas this one is over on the other side of the lot. I guess the Charlottetown Superstore parking lot is just where frankencars go to socialize.

Hey, I always run into people I know at the Superstore, why not cars?


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